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Das Sprecherinnenteam organisiert die DGA-Nachwuchstagungen und -workshops, hält Kontakt zu den Mitgliedern, ist Ansprechpartner für Mitglieder und vertritt die Nachwuchsgruppe im Vorstand der DGA. Gewählt werden die Sprecherinnen in der Regel alle zwei Jahre im Rahmen der Nachwuchstagung. Momentan besteht das Team aus:

The representatives of the Young Scholars Group organize the conferences and workshops of the Group, act as contact persons for all members, and represent the Young Scholars Group on the DGA board. The representatives are elected every two years at the Groups‘ conference. At the moment, the representatives are:

Philipp C.D. Immel
Young Scholars Group Representative, DGA Board Member

Philipp C. D. Immel, M.A. is a research assistant with teaching responsibilities and a PhD student at the Chair of Contemporary Chinese Studies at the University of Würzburg. His primary research interests are in social change, social governance and policy, and in sociological theory.

Helen Hess
Young Scholars Group Representative

Helen Hess is a Doctoral Candidate and Teaching / Research Assistant at the Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies at University of Zurich, Switzerland. In her PhD project she analyzes contemporary Sinophone Malaysian (“Ma-Hua”) women’s literature and cultural productions. Her research interests include literature and visual culture in the contemporary Sinosphere, gender and postcolonial feminism, and the Chinese diaspora in Southeast Asia.

Hannes Gohli
Young Scholars Group Representative

Hannes Gohli is a research assistant at the Chair of China Business and Economics. His doctoral thesis focuses on understanding China’s energy transition and how policies are designed at the centre in order to instigate change at the local level of government. His primary interests lie in sustainable development and urbanisation, as well as understanding the intricacies of policymaking in the People’s Republic of China.

Wiegand Körber
Young Scholars Group Representative

After studying Political Science, South Asian Studies and Communication and Media Studies at the universities of Rostock, Berlin and Halle, Wiegand Körber works as a research assistant in the WIDPAL (Water Indicators in Politics and Law) project at the latter. His academic interests include questions of sustainability, water conflicts and the frictions between digital and analogue worlds.

Dissa Julia Paputungan
Young Scholars Group Representative

Dissa Julia Paputungan is a PhD Student of Global and Area Studies at the Department of Asian and African Studies, Humboldt University of Berlin. She is also part of a research group called SIDIT (Secularity, Islam, and Democracy in Indonesia and Turkey). Her PhD research is about intolerance and the role of civil society organizations in the education sector in Indonesia. Her research interests include public policy, civil society organizations, and development cooperation.